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Twitter had a staggering 105,779,710 registered users in April 2010. This made it the #4 most popular social networking site in the world. It had 190 million monthly unique visitors by June 2010 (10 million more than in April 2010); thus generating 65 million Tweets a day. On 9/28/2010, their unique visitor count placed Twitter as #3 most popular social networking website. ExactTarget and CoTweet study shared that Twitter followers are consumers that are more likely to purchase or recommend brands than your email subscribers and Facebook fans. Plus, Twitter integrates with other popular social sites, search engines and blogs. Twitter is a simple as building a list of target markets and establishing brand awareness that creates conversions. The hardest part is determining how to accomplish these "simple" tasks because are challenging for new users and those with unique niches. Once this has been established, Twitter becomes one fun and convenient way to market online; perfect for creating sales!

New Twitter Design ... Easier, Faster, Convenient

Twitter's making changes that will make it even more convenient for users; well all except for the app builders. The sleek new design will permit us to Tweet and navigate faster and easier ... this video comes directly from Twitter ... looks as if they intend for the whale to become even more integrated in our personal lives ... Do you think that Twitter can take Facebook by 2011?

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